What next for Community Art in Winterton?

You’ve seen the new mural – and most people seem very impressed, but what next?

We’ll have our mobile office near the Coop this Saturday 12th November, from 9.30am-3pm.  We’re got a quick questionnaire we’d like Winterton Residents to help us with.  We’d like to:

  1. Commission a sculpture at the entrance to Winterton Cemetery – and we have some options to show you.
  2. Commission a sculpture of eminent late astronomer Wallace Sargent, who was brought up in Winterton. He achieved great success from humble beginnings – Winterton Academy have a Wallace Sargent Science prize – and we believe his life and achievements are something more people should know about.  We have a ‘maquette’ of the proposed sculpture – come and have a look – let us know what you think.
  3. Get schools and groups in Winterton involved in painting some community sculpture – somethings like the Hull Toads – if you’re wondering what all that is about, come and talk to us!

Keep an eye on our website and Facebook pages for more information soon!