A Sculpture for Winterton Cemetery?

Winterton 2022 are in discussion with our partner Winterton Town Council, and would like to commission a piece of Sculpture near the entrance to Winterton Cemetery.

We’ve had three ideas put forward:

1) Floral arch


2) Sunflowers


3) Sycamore Seed


Another option put forward was a sculpture of eminent Astronomer – Wallace Sargent, who was brought up in Winterton – there has been a Wallace Sargent Science Prize at Winterton Academy for some years.  We think this is a good idea, but think it would be better to put this somewhere else in the town – we’re talking the North Lincolnshire Council about possible sites and will post information on this in the near future, so residents can have their say.

We’d like to know what Winterton residents think about the Cemetery Sculpture.  Do let us know by commenting on our Facebook page, or by emailing chris.ellerby@vanl.org.uk

Many thanks to everyone who came along and let us have their views when we had our mobile office in Market Street on 12th November.