North Lincolnshire Mayor Praises Winterton Sculpture Trail

The Mayor of North Lincolnshire, Cllr John Briggs taking a #SelfieWithASculpture

The Mayor of North Lincolnshire, Cllr John Briggs visited Winterton to see first-hand to see the work being undertaken by Winterton 2022 to deliver the Winterton Sculpture Trail in the town.

The Winterton Sculpture Trail is a community arts project taking place in Winterton this summer. The trail comprises of 26 tractor and owl sculptures, each created by community groups with the support of local artists Fiona Caley and Mandy Keating in a series of workshops.

During his visit the Mayor learnt about the project and the impact it is having on the town, with increased visitors and an increased sense of community pride. He also had the opportunity to view seven of the sculptures, including the Doodle Tractor at Winterton Library which he signed.

Cllr Briggs began his visit in the garden of the Goodhand Family who are hosting the tractor sculpture created by the Grangefield Residents Committee. The Grangefield Residents Committee is a local group that aims to improve community spirit in the area through the provision of events, trips, coffee mornings and other services.

Cllr Briggs said, “As we drove in I immediately spotted the Grangefield Residents Committee tractor on the corner, which really is a credit to those who completed the artwork on it.”

“When I saw the tractor I thought what a fantastic idea. To think that the town itself has actually pulled this project together, and is now bringing visitors in is fantastic.”

“The work that has gone in to it by each of the groups involved in creating the artwork is really tremendous. If I had a house in Winterton with one of these tractors in I would feel very proud of it, they are beautiful.”

He went on to say: “Someone was telling me visitors have travelled from as far as Essex. I think it is brilliant that the message has spread so far away that people want to come see us.”

“I’m not going to try put tractors in, but it is something I’d like to replicate in the ward I represent. I think the idea, the thought, and the work that has gone into it is tremendous.”

Cllr Briggs went to visit the four owl sculptures located on the Winterton Junior School site by headteacher Mrs Logan, and the Winterton Town Council Tractor.

Daniel Redhead, Winterton Sculpture Trail Project Coordinator said, “It was a great privilege to welcome the Mayor of North Lincolnshire to Winterton to showcase the Winterton Sculpture Trail. His enthusiasm for the project was very evident, and he was incredibly generous with his time.”

“We have been blown away with the response so far, both in terms of the amount of visitors who have travelled to follow the trail, and the wonderful feedback we have received from those who visited.”

The Winterton Sculpture Trail is free to follow until 14th September. Maps can be picked up around the area or downloaded from