Assisted Transport Scheme Receives Funding Boost To Support Elderly

We are delighted to have awarded The Poirier Foundation a grant of £2,000 to enable them to continue running their important Assisted Transport Service during a break in grant funding. This will enable vulnerable residents to continue to make important journeys they would otherwise be unable to make. 

Mike Joyce, Poirier Foundation Chair said: “The Assisted Transport Scheme provides a taxi service that is able to take residents to doctor’s appointments or other urgent care they may need.”

“We transport people who struggle to get around, and struggle to use public transport. Our taxi driver helps people into the vehicle and helps them lock the door and turn the gas off. It is a complete facility that helps people who struggle with mobility and is proving very very popular.”

“The funding we have received from Winterton 2022 will support our ongoing transport facility. We are ever grateful to all our ‘funders’ as we wouldn’t be able to keep going without them.”

Peggy, who benefits from the scheme and attends the fortnightly Lunch and Linger, said: “The Assisted Transport Scheme enables me to get out and do things I would otherwise be able to do. I don’t know what I’d do without him; he’s so helpful and is always cheerful.”

“I think Lunch and Linger is brilliant, it gets us all together for a good meal. All the people who come are helpful and friendly and it gets you out of the house.”

The Poirier Foundation are always on the look out for volunteers, if you’d be interested in getting involved, or know someone who could benefit from their schemes please call 01724 733441.
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