Free Home Safety Checks!

We are delighted to have partnered with the Blue Lights Brigade and Humberside fire and rescue to deliver home Safe and Well Checks.

These checks continue to be carried out by fire service staff with the assistance of the Blue Lights Brigade completing additional commissioned work with intelligence led information. The fully trained volunteers carry out home safe and well visits to the same level of quality and professionalism as all Blue Lights Brigade volunteers are retired emergency service professionals.

Thanks to an investment of £5,000 from Winterton 2022, Winterton residents can benefit directly from this Safe and Well service, the team are in Winterton once a week visiting vulnerable people who are at risk or have health conditions which put them at risk of injury. Advice is given about reducing risk of fires in the home; having an escape plan in the event of a fire; safe bedtime routines; smoke alarm installation and other home safety guidance.

If you would like a Safe & Well Check or if you are have previously served in the emergency services and are interested in volunteering with the Blue Light Brigade please email or call 01472 245510.