Community Investment Scheme

Winterton 2022 Community Investment Scheme

Applications are invited from Community Groups, Clubs, Societies and Charitable Groups who wish to carry out activities or undertake projects in Winterton. This replaces the Small Grants Fund.

There is no formal application form, but applicants are invited to very briefly describe their proposal in writing taking into account the criteria set out below, and then have a discussion with the Winterton 2022 Coordinator, Kerrie Prowting.  This can take place either in Winterton, or at Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire in Scunthorpe.

You don’t need to go into too much detail in your written proposal, but Kerrie will go through how your ideas fit the criteria in the discussion, and send a record of the meeting.

The application will then be presented to the Winterton 2022 Steering Group for a decision.

The scheme is a flexible one aimed at small, medium and large projects.

Funding for smaller sums might be provided as a grant. For larger sums, Winterton 2022 might enter into a partnership or Service Level Agreement with the group – this is all for discussion depending on the proposal.

There is no fixed upper limit but larger schemes would need a more structured approach, probably as a partnership, and might need a Business Case to be developed, but we can advise you on this.  These larger applications will need joint discussions and a formal agreement, and will also need to show match funding.

For more information, contact:

Kerrie Prowting, Winterton 2022 Coordinator

Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire
4 – 6 Robert Street
North Lincolnshire
DN15 6NG

Tel: 01724 845155

The Criteria

1. How is the proposal focused on Winterton?

Will the benefits be exclusive to the Town of Winterton?
What proportion of those who benefit are likely to be Winterton residents?

2. Clear on the support needed

Make it clear what your proposal is, who will provide it and who will benefit
How much funding do you have already? How much are you asking for from Winterton 2022? What financial support is already in place, or being applied for?

3. Understand what difference will be made

How have you researched the need for your proposal and what evidence do you have?
What will the outcomes be?  Who will benefit? What difference will it make to their lives? How will you measure how much of a difference you have made?
What is the background and track record of your organisation?  How does this equip you to deliver your current proposal?

4. Value for money

What are you getting for your money?  Is there any other funding?
We will want to assess whether the benefits are worth the overall cost, and worth the investment being asked for from Winterton 2022.

  • Could you achieve more working in partnership with anyone else?
  • Are there any similar projects in Winterton?  Is this fulfilling a need, or creating duplication?
  • Are you making a difference to economically disadvantaged people in the town?
  • How are young people involved? Does the project impact favourably on disabled people?
  • Does it benefit the elderly?
  • Is the project viable and sustainable in the long-term?

Impact on Vision

Have a look at the aims and goals of Winterton 2022 below.  Which key goal or goals does the proposal meet and why?

It is better to be focussed on one main goal, although there might be supplementary goals your project contributes to.

1. A Prosperous Community

Goal 1 Winterton will be a business friendly place
Goal 2 Winterton encourages customers to support local businesses
Goal 3 Winterton residents are encouraged and supported to be an active, skilled and prosperous community
Goal 4 Winterton aims to limit rising household costs

2. A Cohesive Community

Goal 1 Improve intergenerational relations
Goal 2 Create a ‘One Winterton Community’
Goal 3 Improve Communication and Engagement

3. A Learning Community

Goal 1 The people of Winterton will be equipped with basic skills – literacy, numeracy and IT
Goal 2 There will be appropriate learning opportunities in Winterton
Goal 3 Learning will be life long and life enhancing

4. A Sustainable, Green and Clean Community

Goal 1 Winterton will be a thriving horticultural place
Goal 2 Winterton will use renewable energy sources, including new technologies, particularly assuring affordability for residents
Goal 3 Winterton will have improved public spaces making them cleaner, more attractive and user friendly for community enjoyment
Goal 4 Explore and encourage new opportunities for recycling and re use for the benefit of the community

5. An Active and Healthy Community

Goal 1 Winterton will have an increased range of activities for all ages
Goal 2 Winterton promotes and improves health and wellbeing