Transforming Care in North Lincolnshire

The Role of the Voluntary and Community Sector as a Key Partner in Transforming Health – a FREE Cross Sector event: Westcliff Community Centre,  Newbolt Road, Scunthorpe Date 20th July 2017  Time 9.30 – 12.30

New Two Year Plan

Winterton 2022 has just published a new plan for 2017-19. This outlines our plans for next two years. You can talk to us about our plans at the Winterton show this weekend, as well as letting us have any new

Can you help make a difference in WINTERTON?

Winterton 2022, the Big Local Partnership for Winterton, is looking to employ a Co-ordinator for 30 hours per week to help deliver its Big Local Plan.  Please click here for more details.

Can you help residents grow food in WINTERTON?

Winterton 2022, the Big Local Partnership for Winterton, is looking to employ a Part Time Co-ordinator for 10 hours per week (average) for one year, to help deliver its new ‘Incredible Edible’ project. Big Local is a resident led, ten-year

Winterton Youth Council

Anyone know any young people that live/study/work in Winterton that fancies shaping the future of our town on the new Youth Council? Power to the young people!


A new Credit Union contact point is opening in Winterton on Wednesday 29 March at 12 noon.   The first 50 Winterton area residents to start a Credit Union Membership account at the contact point will be rewarded with a £10

Review of Winterton 2022 Plan for 2016-17

We’ve done a review of the plan that sets out all the things we hoped to do over the last 12 months.  The highlights include: The new mural on Market Street, which has been largely well received The apprentice scheme

Hull have had their ‘Toads’, but what can Winterton have?

We’d like to do a ‘Painted Community Sculpture’ for Winterton.  Hull have used ‘Toads’ for their sculptures: We don’t want Toads – that’s been done! We need a ‘shape’ so these can be made for us, then our artists Mandy

A Sculpture for Winterton Cemetery?

Winterton 2022 are in discussion with our partner Winterton Town Council, and would like to commission a piece of Sculpture near the entrance to Winterton Cemetery. We’ve had three ideas put forward: 1) Floral arch 2) Sunflowers 3) Sycamore Seed

What next for Community Art in Winterton?

You’ve seen the new mural – and most people seem very impressed, but what next? We’ll have our mobile office near the Coop this Saturday 12th November, from 9.30am-3pm.  We’re got a quick questionnaire we’d like Winterton Residents to help