Winterton Sculpture Trail Stories

Stephanie Wright following the Winterton Sculpture Trail

Meet Stephanie Wright from Scunthorpe. She is a sculpture trail enthusiast and visited the Winterton Sculpture Trail on the opening weekend!

Having followed her first trail in Hull when visiting the Larkin with Toads in 2010, she has since followed a further 27 Sculpture Trails around the country, travelling a far as Weymouth Dundee and Paisley.

Stephanie said, “I was surprised not to have heard about the Winterton Sculpture Trail until a friend tagged me on a post on Facebook.”

“I had great fun following the Winterton Sculpture Trail and have already recommended it to local friends, picking up extra leaflets to hand out to them.”

“I have a few friends online that I’ve never met, but we swap maps and information on trails we come across. One of them is coming up from Essex to follow the Winterton Sculpture Trail.”

“The sculptures all looked fantastic; my favourite one is the Grangefield Residents Committee sculpture, due to the bright colours. My close second is the bowling club one as I love the green they used.”



Joan Venus-Evans from Hull visiting the Winterton Sculpture Trail

The opening weekend of the Winterton Sculpture Trail also saw visitors travel from Hull to experience the trail.

Having only ever passed through Winterton on Top Road when travelling to Scunthorpe, Joan Venus-Evens and Lynn Wise from Hull were ‘surprised’ with what they found.

Joan said, “We arrived in Winterton to follow the Winterton Sculpture Trail at 11.30am and didn’t leave until 7.00pm!”

“Everyone was very friendly, from the people at the Butchers Arms where we had lunch and a drink after on, to those we met following the trail and others who helped us when we got stuck.”

“We even met the guy who delivered the tractors to their destinations when we got lost in a cul-de-sac looking for one of the last ones which was at the bowling green.”

Lynn said “I thoroughly enjoyed my day following the Winterton Sculpture Trail.”

“It was a great surprise to find the lovely town of Winterton, of which I’m ashamed to say I’d only ever driven past on the Top Road. “

“It was an eye-opener, I don’t think I have seen so many lovely houses in one town”

“I’ve told a few people the trail is worth a visit, and I’ll be back sometime to take more photos.”


We caught up with staff and students from Winterton Community Academy who created this stunning sculpture that was unveiled by the Mayor of Winterton Cllr Vicky Mumby at the Winterton Sculpture Trail launch. Students from the school were also responsible for two other tractor sculptures. 

Mrs C Browne Design and Technology Teacher at Winterton Community Academy said, “When we heard about this project we were really keen to get involved. For us it was a way of displaying some of the fantastic talent of our pupils.”

“Lots of pupils were involved in the project in some way. Some of the tasks included research, designing, making templates and stencils, applying layers of paint and adding outlines.”

“The pupils really enjoyed the whole process and appreciated the opportunity to work with the artists Mandy and Fiona.”

“We are really looking forward to seeing the sculptures around the town for people to enjoy.”

Year 9 student, Harry Key, said the project would attract visitors to the town: “I think this will be a really good thing for the town as it will add something interesting to do and will also attract more people to visit which is what we need. I really enjoyed being a part of the project.”

Harry Carter, year 10, took inspiration from Hull City of Culture, he said: “When planning the design of our sculptures we took inspiration from the sculptures that were part of Hull City of Culture. We also really liked the effect created by the mural in Winterton market place and used this as inspiration as well”


Local artists Fiona and Mandy who helped create our sculptures

We’d like to take a second to say a huge thank you to local artists Fiona Caley and Mandy Keating photographed here! Fiona and Mandy worked tirelessly in a series of workshops to support the Winterton community groups in creating their sculptures, and don’t they all look amazing.
Oooh, and you know the mural on the chip shop wall we recently had re-done, that was them too!!
Mandy said: “I have learnt more than I ever thought I would, working on this project and with this community.”
“It is amazing to think we started with the bare bones of an idea and the outcome has been not only a number of fantastic sculptures, but also we’ve had the privilege to get to know people in the local community, who have accepted us and worked alongside us and each other – a real community project!”
Fiona said how impressed she has been with the project: “The number of people who responded positively far exceed our expectations and hopes as artists. The number of sculptures originally discussed being 15, eventually became 25 – it could have been more!”
“I can honestly say that all the groups I worked with were really keen to take part and do their bit”.
“The Winterton Sculpture Trail has been created by a real mix of people. As artists we adapted to the availability of abilities of the groups. I think that’s what makes this trail different, and dare I say it, unique?”
It’s a big thumbs up from all of us at Winterton 2022 to these lovely ladies for all their hard work and efforts in making the Winterton Sculpture Trail a reality!

Sharon following the Big Sleuths Trail in Birmingham, 2017.

A group of friends travelled from Essex to follow the Winterton Sculpture Trail.

Sculpture Trail enthusiast Sharon Holloway travelled with her partner Derek Medland and friends Julie and Darren Sturtevant from Maldon in Essex, where Sharon has been a taxi driver for over 20 years.

The group set off from Chelmsford Essex at 8.00am arriving in Winterton at 12.30 where they spent the day following the trail and chatting with locals.

Sharon said, “I was very surprised with the amount of sculptures on display with such a wide range of ages coming together.”

“I loved the Sleeping Dragon Kickboxing tractor as they really made an effort with the display, but my favourite was the doodle tractor, which my friend and I signed of course – it was a great idea!”

Sharon spotted her first sculpture in Colchester in 2013 and since then has completed over 35 trails travelling to Scotland and Wales.

She went on to say, “I enjoyed the Winterton Sculpture Trail, it was nice to see a community joining together. I think all the trails are good for encourage people to visit places they probably would not think of seeing.”

“I have seen some interesting places and earnt some history about areas that I wouldn’t’ have come across.

“It’s also great to see the money raised at the Sculpture auction go to great causes.”

“I would definitely recommend visiting the Winterton Sculpture Trail.”

The Stebbing Family enjoying the Winterton Sculpture Trail

We had a visit from the Stebbing Family who live in Scunthorpe and they loved the Winterton Sculpture Trail! Here’s what dad, Paul had to say: 

“We had a great (and cheap) family day out on Bank Holiday Monday (May 28th) following the new Winterton Sculpture Trail.”

“We live in Scunthorpe and I had some puzzled looks from my daughters (aged 10 and 9) when I told them we were going to Winterton to look for owls and tractors, but they soon changed their minds!”

“We weren’t sure what order to tackle the trail in, so we parked centrally, picked up our map, and headed off eastwards along King Street. Very quickly we were ticking off owls and tractors and the girls loved the challenge. We went down to the Showground, by the Cemetery and into Simon’s Wood. We took the wrong path in the Wood, so that section took a bit longer than planned! We enjoyed the walk though on what was a glorious sunny day.”

“We then picked off North Street, Newport Drive, Dale Park Avenue and Northlands Road. By then it was time for lunch (which ended up being a lengthy break). We had a family picnic in the park, bought ice creams for the girls, and then headed over to the Butcher’s Arms for a cold beer (for the adults).”

“After lunch we ticked off the last few sculptures in the town centre and those either side of Earlsgate, before heading home. Most of the sculptures we found fairly easily – although those in Simon’s Wood and the one at the Library involved a bit of head scratching.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed our bank holiday in Winterton. Great to see community projects like this receiving funding from the Big Local initiative and thank-you to all involved in creating the trail. Winterton’s a great little community with lots to offer. We saw so much of the town that we’d not seen before. Hoping to try some of the other similar trails that have been created up and down the country. Five stars Winterton!!”


We had a visit to the Winterton Sculpture Trail from the 6th Scunthorpe Messingham Beavers!! 

Willow Beaver Leader said: “We found our first Tractor Sculpture outside the Winterton Town Council office where they kindly gave us extra maps and pencils! We were lucky enough to have local residents to guide our route as when one of the Leaders had recce the route to help us find all the sculptures!”

“We finished by signing our names including that of our mascot on the doodle tractor in the Library, and an extra for the Beavers was a lolly at the local takeaway!”

“Thank you Winterton for such a friendly welcome!”

Are you involved in a group like the Beavers? Why not bring them along for a free and fun day out to enjoy the Winterton Sculpture Trail?





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